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A SMALL ISLAND IN EUROPE CONTINUES TO KEEP MAKING WAVES IN THE AFRO SCENE! As Afrobeats continues to dominate the global landscape, there is one small island in the Mediterranean that has quickly become the favoured destination for an ultimate summer getaway! We take a look at to why Malta has quickly become top of the bucket list for festival goers in 2023, especially within the Afro community. Malta, an island strategically located between Europe and the North of Africa. Known for its stunning coastline, crystal clear waters, historical landmarks and unique locations has often been the destination of choice for party goers, travellers, and explorers alike! With North Africa only a short distance away. This proximity has meant that Malta not only has historical connections and influences from Africa, but has now developed a unique and diverse culture with influences from all over currently residing on the island. With 300 days of

Here's what went down as Afro Island hosted Malta's first ever Afrobeats Food Party! As the Afro scene continues to thrive in Malta, another globally popular concept came to the island last weekend. Afro Island hosted the island's first ever Afro fusion food party - Afrobeats  & Bites!Music, food and friends were brought together under one roof to take over the popular Med Asia Fusion Lounge in Sliema. The evening kicked off with an Afro Fusion BBQ featuring Jerk Chicken, Jollof Rice, Plantain, Coleslaw and Vegetarian Curry, giving guests a feast of food. Served by the authentic Odessa’s Caribbean Fusion. Afro Fusion BBQ provided by Odessa's Caribbean Fusion. The evening was hosted by Aaron Deacon, who was flown in by the Afro Island team to ensure the vibe throughout the evening. Deacon is a popular host and entertainer from the UK who returned to Malta for his second event in less than