September 2022


As Afrobeats finally started touching down across Europe, even Malta had to have a taste of what it means to celebrate this music genre. To make the magic happen, Afro Island and NOOK came together to throw their first Afrobeats pool party on the rock. The popular Med Asia Playa beach club provided the perfect place for partygoers to dance and vibe, as the scenery of the Mediterranean Sea complimented the tunes and beats of the talented DJs. Tickets for next months event on Saturday 24th September headlined by Predz UK can be found here. Behind the decks, a variety of local and international talents were present: DJ Shay Who and DJ M Funky representing Nigeria, DJ Daniel Veloso representing Netherlands and Urban Rockett representing Romania. Coming all the way from the UK, the international headline DJ and host for the night was DNA, who stepped on the island for his second